Melanie Squire

Trauma Consultant and Speaker

Kaysville, Utah

Melanie Squire is a retired therapist who specialized in treating trauma, addiction, PTSD, depression, and anxiety. She holds Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees in Social Work from the University of Utah and has undergone additional training in EMDR, TF-CBT, ART, MBB, and PE for trauma treatment.

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Melanie has earned a distinguished reputation as a public speaker, captivating audiences of all backgrounds with her compelling insights into trauma, couples therapy, and addiction. Her expertise extends beyond public forums, regularly gracing the training rooms of hospitals, fire departments, police stations, sheriff associations, unions, and universities across the state. Through these engagements, Melanie empowers diverse teams and departments to prioritize and enhance the mental well-being of their members.

Notable certifications and experiences include her Prolonged Exposure training at the University of Pennsylvania, where she partnered with General Burton to honor Gold Star Families. Melanie has also served as a trauma therapist in the psychiatric military unit at Salt Lake Behavioral Health Hospital and holds a CITI Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Social and Behavioral Research Certification.

Melanie’s unique skill set is further exemplified by her work with military units, SWAT teams, hostage situations, first responders, and emergency crews. She has been instrumental in debriefing teams following critical incidents during some of Utah’s most challenging disasters, including airplane and helicopter crashes, avalanche rescues, and collaboration with emergency ski patrol teams.

Beyond her clinical work, Melanie collaborates with executives, corporations, employees, and departments nationwide, offering her insights to bolster leadership, instill inspiration, and drive positive change through her impactful public speaking engagements.